Saturday, August 29, 2009

THANK YOU BEAR by Greg Foley

THANK YOU BEAR by Greg Foley
ISBN 978-0-670-06165-5

FROM THE FLAP: “Sometimes a box is just a box. Sometimes it is much much more. That is what Bear thinks. But not everyone agrees. Until Bear finds someone who sees it differently. Sometimes finding a friend who sees things as you do is the greatest gift of all.”



Buildings in our Community (Spatial)

-Have parents donate boxes of all shapes and sizes. Invite children to build a model of a community building using the boxes.

Community Building (Interpersonal)

-Monkey, Owl, Fox, Elephant, Squirrel, and Bunny criticize Bear. As a class, brainstorm supportive responses from each of these characters and stress that these are the kind of responses that we give in our respectful community.

Getting To Know You Boxes (Intrapersonal)

-Ask each child to decorate a shoebox or a box of a similar size at home. Inside the box, ask children to place three or four items that are special to that child. Each day invite a child to bring their box from home to share with the class.

Mystery Word (Linguistic)

-Write out this sentence from the book on the board “He showed it to the ________.” Cover up the last word so that the class can’t see it. Brainstorm answers to the mystery word: fox, elephant, squirrel, monkey and owl. Then, reveal the first letter of the hidden word and ask kids what the mystery word is? How do they know?

-Give each student a set of ten cards. Each card will have one word written on it: He, showed, it, to, the, fox, elephant, squirrel, monkey, and owl. Have kids work in pairs and play mystery word with each other.

Our House (Spatial)

-Call an appliance company and ask them to save you a large appliance box. Cut out a door and windows. Ask students to help you decorate the classroom house with markers, fabric swatches, and wallpaper.

Sight Word Search (Linguistic)

-Type out the text to THANK YOU BEAR. Make sure to use a large font and leave at least three spaces between each word. Have students circle the sight words he, it, to, and the.

-Delete the sight words from your typed-up version, and leave spaces for the children to write in the missing sight words.

-If you want, e-mail me at kate_tomATverizonDOTnet, and I’ll send you the documents. Put THANK YOU BEAR SIGHT WORD SEARCH in the subject line.

Book Buddies:

-A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker

-Good Luck Bear by Greg Foley

-Not a Box by Antoinette Paris

-Regards to the Man in the Moon by Ezra Jack Keats

-My Friend Bear by Jez Alborough