Saturday, August 29, 2009

THANK YOU BEAR by Greg Foley

THANK YOU BEAR by Greg Foley
ISBN 978-0-670-06165-5

FROM THE FLAP: “Sometimes a box is just a box. Sometimes it is much much more. That is what Bear thinks. But not everyone agrees. Until Bear finds someone who sees it differently. Sometimes finding a friend who sees things as you do is the greatest gift of all.”



Buildings in our Community (Spatial)

-Have parents donate boxes of all shapes and sizes. Invite children to build a model of a community building using the boxes.

Community Building (Interpersonal)

-Monkey, Owl, Fox, Elephant, Squirrel, and Bunny criticize Bear. As a class, brainstorm supportive responses from each of these characters and stress that these are the kind of responses that we give in our respectful community.

Getting To Know You Boxes (Intrapersonal)

-Ask each child to decorate a shoebox or a box of a similar size at home. Inside the box, ask children to place three or four items that are special to that child. Each day invite a child to bring their box from home to share with the class.

Mystery Word (Linguistic)

-Write out this sentence from the book on the board “He showed it to the ________.” Cover up the last word so that the class can’t see it. Brainstorm answers to the mystery word: fox, elephant, squirrel, monkey and owl. Then, reveal the first letter of the hidden word and ask kids what the mystery word is? How do they know?

-Give each student a set of ten cards. Each card will have one word written on it: He, showed, it, to, the, fox, elephant, squirrel, monkey, and owl. Have kids work in pairs and play mystery word with each other.

Our House (Spatial)

-Call an appliance company and ask them to save you a large appliance box. Cut out a door and windows. Ask students to help you decorate the classroom house with markers, fabric swatches, and wallpaper.

Sight Word Search (Linguistic)

-Type out the text to THANK YOU BEAR. Make sure to use a large font and leave at least three spaces between each word. Have students circle the sight words he, it, to, and the.

-Delete the sight words from your typed-up version, and leave spaces for the children to write in the missing sight words.

-If you want, e-mail me at kate_tomATverizonDOTnet, and I’ll send you the documents. Put THANK YOU BEAR SIGHT WORD SEARCH in the subject line.

Book Buddies:

-A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker

-Good Luck Bear by Greg Foley

-Not a Box by Antoinette Paris

-Regards to the Man in the Moon by Ezra Jack Keats

-My Friend Bear by Jez Alborough


  1. Hi Kate!
    I love your book blog. (Almost as much as I love your writing.) It is loaded with practical ideas. I especially like the Book Buddies section. Thank you so much!
    Teacher of the Deaf
    Mainstream Consultant

  2. Kate,

    Good to see your book blog. Hope you write books like
    Frederick and Swimmy by Leo Lionni.