Sunday, January 17, 2010


By Michelle Markel
Publisher: Tricycle Press
ISBN-13: 978-1582462820

FROM THE FLAP: Who can add an entire herd of triceratops, multiply the legs of a group of ankylosaurs, and estimate the distance to the next tasty meal? TYRANNOSAURUS MATH!

He’s a number-crunching dinosaur who chews on math problems as easily as he thunders through the trees. When his little sister is in terrible danger, T-Math even saves the day by using his measurable math skills. Is there anything he can’t figure?


The CD A T-REX NAMED SUE has many fun fact-filled songs about dinosaurs. One of the songs even includes dance moves.

LEAF SYMMETRY (Naturalist, Visual/Spatial)

Have students do leaf rubbings and cut them out. Then ask students to fold the leaf in half on the line of symmetry.

MATH NUMBER STORIES (Logical/Mathematical, Verbal/Linguistic, Visual/Spatial)

Ask students to write and illustrate one of their own math number stories just as author Michelle Markel does throughout her marvelous book.

NATURALIST ARRAYS (Naturalist, Visual/Spatial, Logical/Mathematical)

Take a walk outside and ask students to collect leaves and rocks. In the classroom, have them arrange their objects into different types of arrays.

HALLWAY ESTIMATES (Logical/Mathematical and Kinesthetic)

Have students measure their feet. Then ask students to estimate how many steps (heel-to-toe) that they’ll have to take to reach the end of the hallway. Challenge them to stay on one column of floor tiles from the beginning of the hallway to the end.


-A Dinosaur Named Sue: The Find Of The Century by Fay Robinson
-Dinosaur Deals (MathStart 3) by Stuart J. Murphy
-How Big Is A Foot by Rolf Myller
-The Grapes Of Math by Greg Tang
-Zero Is The Leaves On A Tree by Betsy Franco