Sunday, February 7, 2010


By Madeleine Floyd
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0-7636-2761-5

FROM THE FLAP: Far away in the land of cold and ice lives Cold Paws, a lonely polar bear. With only his silver flute for company, Cold Paws shivers and wonders why he always feels cold inside. But when young Hannah from the nearby village makes friends with him, that chilly feeling inside Cold Paws begins to melt away.

KATE'S TAKE: A fun book just in time for Valentine's Day.

A SPECIAL GIFT (Verbal/linguistic, Visual/Spatial and Interpersonal)

Hannah gives Cold Paws material gifts, hugs, and the gift of her time. Ask students to draw a picture of a material gift or a gift of time they received from a friend or loved one. Have them write about their picture and share it with the class.

GLOWING HEARTS (Visual/Spatial)

Obtain a glow stick bracelet for each student. Ask each pupil to cut out a large, medium and small heart. On the large heart, have students write: You make my heart glow. Tape the large heart to the middle of the glow stick. Tape the small heart at one tip of the glow stick, tip pointing away from the stick. Tape the large heart to the top of the glow stick pointing down the stick. Have students exchange their arrows with other students and wear their bracelets for the rest of the day. Special thanks to FAMILY FUN for this activity.;4

MY BODY’S PUMP (Musical and Naturalist)

To the tune of Bingo have students sing “My body has a pump and heart is its name-o. H-E-A-R-T and heart is its name-o.” Students clap each time they say a letter name. On each consecutive verse, they don’t name one of the letters. So, the second time through it will be CLAP-E-A-R-T. Repeat until students are clapping each letter name instead of singing it.

PATTERNED SCARVES (Logical/Mathematical and Visual/Spatial)

Hannah gives Cold Paws her striped scarf to keep him warm. Have students make a patterned scarf out of construction paper. Hang the scarves around the room to keep everyone warm.

WARM UPS (Kinesthetic)

Hannah teaches Cold Paws jumping jacks. As a group give students a chance to suggest a warm-up activity for the class. Count out loud and perform the exercises together.


-A Bear for All Seasons by Diane Marcial Fuchs
-A Visitor for Bear by Bonny Becker
-Bear’s New Friend by Karma Wilson
-How Does Your Heart Work? (Rookie Read-About Health) by Don L. Curry, Jane Waddell and Jeanne Clidas
-The Lonely Moose by John Segal

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